"Everyone at Crest Hill Cat and Dog is awesome! Whoever is behind the desk greets you with a smile as soon as you walk in. Even if the person behind the desk is on the phone, they will greet you with a smile, eye contact, and hand motion that they will be right with you. Most of the time, if available, someone from in the back realizes that extra help may be needed up front and comes to help. Almost always on cue. And trust me, I've been there a million times over the past 1-2 years "wish it were for different circumstances"- I notice and appreciate how helpful the team is. A special shout out to Kathy, Elizabeth, Ashten, Alyssa and Joe. The doctors are the best. I've had the pleasure of working with Dr. Horton, Dr. Ling and Dr. Walley the most. Their gentle nature and how they approach each of my dogs differently (unique based on the dogs personality), makes the dog feel comfortable. I can't say anything but 100% positive feedback about all of the doctors. Well, except for the fact that Dr. Walley is a Pirates fan. We'll have to work on that. :)   "             Jason G.

"I've been to a lot of vets in a lot of different towns, but Dr. Walley in Crest Hill is by far the best. There is no price you can put on having a happy, healthy pet, and when the price is actually very affordable, that's even more amazing! I can tell that Dr. Walley cares more about the animals than the money because I've never encountered such reasonable prices for service. I'm not made of money, and fortunately I don't have to be. You can really tell everyone there cares. Also, my kitty, Chai, is terrible at vet offices; he yowls and yowls like he's being killed; but somehow he was perfectly quiet and happy with Dr. Walley! The kitty has obviously made his choice! The office is easy to find, clean, friendly, and it just feels right to be there. I'm never going anywhere else!  Dr. Walley - THANK YOU!"  Krista S. and Chai

 "Dr. Walley has been Baxter's vet for 6 years. He is the best veterinarian I have ever met, thorough, caring, up to date on new procedures, and top rate! I recommend Dr. Walley to anyone who has a pet they care about. We have lived in Kansas City, Southern California and now Naperville. The care Baxter receives here far exceeds his other veterinary care that was also more expensive. Dr. Walley's knowledge and compassion has extended Baxters life and quality of life without doubt! He has my highest recommendation!"  Gayle L. and Baxter

 "** 5 Stars ** for the Crest Hill Cat & Dog Clinic! A HUGE thanks to Dr. Ling, Dr. Walley, Kerry, and the rest of the staff! My chihuahua recently started to have seizures. The staff was so amazing from start-to-finish, that I refuse to go anywhere else from now on...and it takes me an hour to get there (worth every second of the driv...e!) As first time patients, we were treated with VIP service which is rare in this industry. We were able to schedule an appointment immediately. And everyone cared for me and my 'fur-baby' as if we were family. While most vets are looking to cut corners and "bring in the buck", the doctors and staff here are patient, understanding, compassionate, and focused on the well being of your animal and actually fixing the issue...not just slapping a band-aid on it and charging you a fortune. Not to mention that my pooch is a MOODY chihuahua, and the staff seemed to have a magic touch, connecting with him in a way where he didn't want to freak out and snarl at them. And let me tell you, that is rare. ;) Dr. Ling even came into work on her day off to call me with my Peanut's bloodwork results. I would refer them to anybody hands down. "Thank you" can't express my appreciation for what everyone has done, but it's the least I could do! " xoxo- Racheal K. & Peanut

"My dog, Charlie, was recently operated on by Dr. Walley to remove a cancerous tumor.  Dr. Walley did an excellent job; moreover, his care and thoroughness were much appreciated.  Also, his wife, Dr. Ling, has been incredible too.  She is very professional and thorough.  She is very friendly and loving with my pet.  The staff is not intimidated by Charlie because he's a pit bull; rather, Doctors Walley and Ling as well as their staff have been nothing short of excellent.  I would recommend their clinic to any pet owners."  Tim H. and Charlie

 "Dr Walley & Dr Ling and their staff have been great with all your pets, one of our pets Payton had to have hip replacement done. They were great with all our questions along the way." Jennifer Q. and Payton

"I will never take my animals anywhere else. Dr. Walley has gone way above & beyond what you would expect from your vet. He has taken great care of my baby, Tripper. You couldn't find a more caring & understanding vet. The rest of the staff is great ,too."  Dawn E. and Tripper


"Thank you to Crest Hill Cat & Dog (Dr Walley & Dr Ling), We love the compassionate hearts that you & your staff have. Thank you for always giving the awesome care that you provide but above truly love every pet that walks thru your doors!"

Liz Bagley - President/Founder, Making A Difference Rescue

"We love Dr. Ling! Dr. Ling is the most caring, compassionate doctor that our dog has seen. She truly cares about animals! She has been loving, kind and gentle with our dog since he was a puppy. We recently changed clinics, to follow Dr. Ling in her practice, because we cannot bring our "boy" to anyone else. The staff was great and Dr Walley was also very kind and caring in a recent visit to the clinic. Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic is the best and we would recommend them to every pet owner!"  Annie W. and Joe

"Dr. Walley keeps surprising us with awesome service. He has easily become a lifelong veterinarian for our family and any future pets. This story has a sad ending, but should help anyone still considering Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic.
Our 3 year old Golden Retriever suffered heat stroke during a walk this past Saturday morning. We were prepared for the warm weather of Saturday and had brought plenty of water, chose a path with a lot of shade and soft grass. We even went very early in the morning before the heat kicked in (it was in the low 80's with limited humidity). Regardless of the measures that we took, the heat still took to Lovie (our friend, family member, and of course pet). We had taken her on walks in very similar weather, so this was the last thing on our mind. Regardless, it still happened and I'm sure no matter what, my wife and I will regret the decision to take her on a walk that morning for the rest of our lives. However, the fast reactions from Dr. Walley's team and those at VCA Aurora gave us a fighting chance to save her. We had called Dr. Walley and asked him what to do - his team suggested the VCA in Aurora and to get there ASAP. When we arrived, they did everything they could over the course of 12 hours. Late that evening, we had to make the decision and faced the facts. We would never want to put her through pain and she was not going to survive.  The purpose to this post though is that Dr. Walley called me this morning to share his sympathies for our loss of Lovie. He reviewed her situation from the report that he received which made me feel even more confident about the decision that we made.Dr. Walley and Dr. Ling have been our go-to vet ever since we were referred by a family member, but after today there's no question in my mind that they will be our lifelong veterinarians and friends. Our grieving begins today, but the care that Dr. Walley and Dr. Ling gave Lovie throughout her life was nothing short of amazing and helped her have a very active and wonderful life. Thank you for all that you have done, we will continue to bring our furry friends to you. If there was an award for amazing service and outstanding care, you both deserve it - hands down."  Brian G. and Lovie

"Highly recommended best vets!! Dr. Ling is indeed the most caring vet I have ever had for my cat Tao. I had a misfortunate event with my cat, so i brought him in. They had an idea of what was wrong ran some tests (which were affordable) and were spot on about what they speculated was wrong! I highly advise you choose this location as your veterinarian. Think of it this way would you rather go to a doctor that is all about business? Or would you rather go to a doctor that get to know you, respect you and teach you? Same thing here. Your pet deserves great health care, and no better place then here. The motto really is true "we treat your pets like our own" and that is a statement. They really do! I really thank that the staff knows what they are talking about as they saved my cats life!"  Levi and Tao

"I have been to many vets in the past, and not one of them compares to Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic. Dr. Walley is by far the most compassionate and knowledgeable vet out there. I cannot even put in writing how much we appreciate and are thankful for him and his caring staff. Dr. Ling is amazing too; so no matter what doctor you are assigned to on your pets appt day, you will not be disappointed. We recently had to put our cat of 12 years to sleep and have been told in the past by other vets to never bring her to their vet (she is very vocal and had fears of visiting docs). Dr. Walley and his staff never made us feel ashamed of her behavior in any way. They also are like a family to another kitten of ours, who Dr. Walley did everything he could to find out the source of infection that was causing her problems. Once again we can always count on this place. Thank you!"  Zoey and Shady and In memory of Daisy and Tabitha

"Hands down, the best vets around! Dr. Walley and Dr. Ling are not only amazing vets but equally amazing people. Their staff are all very professional and extremely kind people. Dr. Walley is an excellent surgeon, he spayed both of our dogs and the surgeries were so non-invasive that we have trouble finding their scars. Dr. Ling is extremely knowledgeable and one of the kindest people you will ever meet. My sister first brought her dog to them, and since convincing the rest of us to go, my entire immediate family (7 dogs, 1 cat) along with many friends and extended family all refuse to go anywhere else after one visit to Dr. Walley and Ling. Our second dog had a rare genetic defect and needed an operation at 7 weeks old. I called Dr. Walley and Ling for their advice, and as always they were honest and upfront. Although they didn't have in-depth knowledge on the subject, they called other vets, researched the defect, and called back 12 hours later with an amazing amount of knowledge on the subject. If you want your pets treated like family, kind and understanding staff, along with fantastic medical expertise, you can stop looking. I won't take my dogs anywhere else but Crest Hill Cat and Dog Clinic."

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